I find synthesizers fascinating. They take simple sound waves (sine, square, sawtooth, etc.) and manipulate their shapes to create custom instruments. Unlike traditional instruments which each have one distinct sound (timbre), synths can be programmed with one of a plethora of sounds.

Back in high school, I did a physics research project about subtractive synthesizers. This is where I first learned about all of their components from oscillators to filters to amp envelopes.

Along with my project, I made an HTML5 synth to try out what I had learned. You can see that HERE.

More recently, I came across software like Sonic Pi, SuperCollider, and Syntorial, and these piqued my interest in synths again.

I am currently working on learning more about programming synths. After I make my first few synth patches, I will start creating more GitHub repos to show what I’ve made. Check back soon to see what I make!