I'm working on designing a logo for this website. Here's a quick interactive logo designer that I'm using to tweak the dimensions of the logo:

Ring Outer Radius: {{ring_radius}} px Ring Thickness: {{ring_thickness}} px Gap Thickness: {{gap_thickness}} px Angle Between Cogs: {{cog_pitch}} ° First Cog Offset from horizontal: {{cog_offset}} ° Cog Thickness: {{cog_thickness}} px Cog Cutaway Start: {{cutaway_start}} ° Cog Cutaway End: {{cutaway_end}} ° G Thickness: {{g_thickness}} px; G Cutaway angle: {{g_cutaway_angle}} ° G Crossbar Width: {{g_crossbar_width}} px; Gear Color: {{gear_color}}
G Color: {{g_color}}