Barter, Revisited

I’m back from a long busy summer quarter at Drexel. It was a productive quarter, I learned a lot about systems programming and data structures. Now I’m trying to use that knowledge to good use. I’m revisiting Barter, a project from two years ago. I changed the data structures used to be a proper adjacency list for a directed graph. What I had before was close, but harder to maintain.

I also refactored the JavaScript code to make use of features of ECMAScript 6 including classes and Promises.

New Design Methodology

I’m also trying to manage my personal programming projects better. My thought is that I have not been clearly defining goals for myself, so I would get overwhelmed with the plethora of projects and features I want to work on. This time around, I am clearly defining smaller chunks of work for myself and then focusing on only one at a time.

Next on my agenda: Make a simple command-line program for writing stories for Barter. This is because JSON is tedious to write by hand.

Change List:

  • Update the Barter page