GitHub Projects

This is a list of my GitHub projects I would like to showcase. Each has an article explaining each project and the motivation for creating it.

Ant Farm

Ant Farm (2015)

Langton's Ant Simulator
Arduino Morse

Arduino Morse (2015)

Arduino Morse Code Signaler

Barter (2014, 2016)

A text-based game that deals with bartering

ByteCards (2015-2016)

Playing Cards that fit in a byte
Chemical Parser

Chemical Parser (2015)

A simple molecular formula parser inspired by a CodeWars problem.
Gas Lab

Gas Lab (2013-2014)

Ideal Gas Law simulator I made for a chemistry teacher in high school.
Holiday Shaders

Holiday Shaders (2016)

My first pixel shaders
Hologram Pyramid

Hologram Pyramid (2017)

Android app to project models onto a hologram pyramid.
Linux Login

Linux Login (2015-2016)

A collection of scripts I use to customize my shell in Linux.
Physics Simulations

Physics Simulations (2016)

Physics simulations I made to learn about Lagrangian dynamics
Preference Sort

Preference Sort (2016)

Sort a list by preference by making simple choices

Spin-o-Sketch (2014)

Part Spin-o-graph, part Etch-a-Sketch
Square Runner

Square Runner (2010-2011, 2012-2013)

A simple Flash/Java game

Synthesizer (2013-2014)

HTML5 synthesizer I made for a physics research project in high school
Text Visualizer

Text Visualizer (2013)

Animations driven by text hashes.

Timekeeper (2016)

A web page for converting times between timezones.
Turn-based Strategy

Turn-based Strategy (2015)

An attempt to create a turn-based strategy game engine
Turtle Fractals

Turtle Fractals (2015-2016)

Fractals that use turtle graphics and L-Systems
Vision Disorders

Vision Disorders (2017)

Android app to simulate vision deficiencies
Programming Workspaces

Programming Workspaces (2015-2016)

Workspace projects in various languages

Note: I am still writing articles about my GitHub projects! Check back soon for more articles!