Gas Lab (2013-2014)

Ideal Gas Law simulator I made for a chemistry teacher in high school.


Like most Linux users, I have my own collection of dotfiles, Bash aliases and even scripts for coloring my prompt. This repo is where I store my command line customization scripts for use wherever I go.

Languages / Libraries:

  • JavaScript


  • Ideal Gas Law

The Ideal Gas Law

The Ideal gas law describes the relationship between pressure, volume, temperature and amount of gas:


  • P is the pressure of the gas
  • V is the volume of the gas
  • n is the amount o fthe gas
  • T is the temperature of the gas
  • R is the Ideal Gas Constant


  • Working simulator

Needed Improvements:

  • Graphics overhaul
  • Fix a bug in the transparency handling
  • AngularJS and/or Bootstrap?