Timekeeper (2016)

A web page for converting times between timezones.


Before my current co-op, I wanted to brush up on AngularJS. I decided to make a quick web page for converting timestamps between timezones since that is something I have to do relatively often.

Languages / Libraries:

  • JavaScript (Including ECMAScript 6 features)
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • MomentJS


  • Timezones
  • Unix Timestamps

Current Local Time -> Different Timezones

When talking to someone in a different timezone, it is often helpful to know when “now” is for them. My web app supports converting to the following:

  • Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
  • Arbitrary Timezone
  • Unix Timestamp
  • Swatch Internet Time (Just for laughs)

Compare Time Zones

Sometimes when trying to plan when to Skype with someone in a different timezone, it would be nice to convert an arbitrary local time to their timezone. My web app supports converting a date and time to a different timezone. It also shows how many hours apart the two timezones are.

Convert Unix Timestamp

I’m a programmer, so I often deal with Unix timestamps. Thus, I made a converter between Unix time and local/UTC time.


  • Convert current time to different timezones
  • Convert timestamp between timezones
  • convert a Unix timestamp to local time or UTC

Needed Improvements:

  • Fix overflow on mobile
  • Make up new time formats just for fun
  • Arbitrary time to Unix timestamp